Are you angry, anxious, or moody?

Are you struggling to stay connected with the world around you?


I highly recommend getting this book

I highly recommend getting this book

You can break free from the chains of Emotional Suffering. 

I've developed a tool that will break the unconscious reaction to trauma and kick start your recovery to the freedom you crave. 

I was once where you are now. Read about it here.

I broke free from the trauma and put it in the past, where it belonged. And along the way, kicked addiction to the curb.

I will teach you how to do the same thing.

I will walk with you as we break through the barriers and excuses that keep you from writing your story.

It's not Just a writing exercise. It's your Life's story.

My coaching packages are tailored to your needs specifically.

  • If you want to find your direction and break free from the past that is holding you in pain and live with intention consistently. Realizing you as the captain at the helm, I will guide you.
  • If you've heard people say, "You should relax. You're too tense." I will help you create a daily routine that will explore WHY you are anxious, angry, or moody and then develop the routine to release the tension.

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