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Christmas Edition

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of 12 Minutes A Day, Writing for the Non-Writer. Packed with 30 Christmas themed prompts to help you write and reflect on the season. PLUS - there are BONUS prompts so you have over 36 ideas to write from! Join the 12 Minutes A Day family and celebrate the Christmas holiday by creating a lasting gift for the whole family!

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For Preteens

Freddie Fox and his friend, Randi Raccoon, help you write using the 12 Minutes A Day method. They walk you through how to use the method, then give you prompts to make it come alive! You get to draw AND write your very own story. At the end, you get to call yourself and author! What a great gift for your kids, grand-kids, and relatives. When the child is done with the book, you'll have a lasting memory of their journey as a preteen! Get yours NOW! It's important for children to enjoy imagining, creating and writing in their preteens. 12 Minutes A Day wants to help them accomplish that. We've developed this workbook to give them the resources and topics to write about our world, themselves and beyond!

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For Kids

The 30 Day Writing Workout for Kids uses the 12 Minutes A Day method to help children write their stories. It encourages imagination, emotional self-awareness, and writing practice. The workout gives prompts for every day the child writes and challenges them to either come up with a story or share their own story. 12 Minutes A Day, LLC

Motto - Your Story Matters. Together, our stories will change the world. 

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