Are you too busy to write your book?

I can help.

12 Minutes A Day, Writing for the Non-Writer is only one of the tools I utilize when helping clients write.

It's a common practice for busy professionals to hire someone to write for them.  I will write your book for you, in your voice, for a reasonable price.  These projects usually take anywhere from 90 days to twelve months depending on the content, but the truth is, your book would be finished in this year.  It's a vital marketing component in this fast paced world to reach a larger audience with a book.  I can make that happen for you.

I'm ready to help you get to the finish line.  Your message is worth it to me.  Is it worth it to you?

The process is simple.  You and I collaborate to bring your voice, your words to print. It is usually an eight month to year process that entails interviews, gathering pertinent material, and finally, me writing your story. Your surprise and delight at the service is my vision. You feeling confident in our project is my goal. I am honored to give you the highest quality product, right now.


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