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7 Day Writing Workout

Right now, we need grateful thoughts every day. Fear has become a state of mind for all of us.

The desire to live without fear is strong in all of us, it just needs to be focused. - Renee Settle, 2017

My desire to bring this course to the world came about in a particularly scary way.

I had a health scare.

Up until recently, I thought, "I'm healthy, I've lost a TON of weight and things are going well! Other than the occasional knee ache, I have never been healthier."

Then the chest pains started.

I was scared. My family was scared. You get the picture.

After a barrage of tests, it turns out my heart is great but my stress level is astronomical.  That's something I can control. So I was quite happy for that news!  Slightly embarrassed at the scare, but quite happy, nonetheless. But, it really got me thinking. I knew I was stressed, but that stressed?  Well, according to my body? Apparently, yes, that stressed.

After using my 12 Minutes A Day method to brainstorm, I realized I needed more grateful days to even out the stress. Need is a funny word for me, I don't believe in it. I actually desired more grateful days to reduce my stress level. If you are anything like me, I know you desire it, too. And there is something about a group that amplifies the energy. Have you ever felt that? When a focused group of individuals create statements of being grateful, the benefits are phenomenal. The more people are grateful together, the more our energy seeps into each other's lives. 

So, I invite you to join me on this first ever 7 Day Writing Workout for gratitude at the special price of $197

That's why I'm offering this super fast, super easy, and super cheap method to bring gratitude into our lives. I'm offering it for only $197 for seven days with me. That's HUGE! We will have daily prompts and be writing together as a group. And before you ask, yes, it will be recorded, but only available for 24 hours each day, then it comes down and then next one goes up. I want us to be present and active in this gratitude explosion. I want to feel the grateful energy flowing every day for seven days. Can you tell I'm excited?

My desire to share my journey to days filled with grateful thoughts prompted me to develop a program using the 12 Minutes A Day Method.

I have seen my 12 minutes A Day method change people's lives And my desire to share it Through Gratefulness with the world!