My Personal Story



In 2009, I was almost 500 lbs. I was miserable. My doctor said I was diabetic. I had high blood pressure and couldn't walk a few dozen feet without resting. I was killing myself slowly. I would wish every night as I went to sleep that I wouldn't wake up the next day. But, I did. And things were pretty bad. My doctor said if I didn't do something soon, I would be dead before I reached the age of sixty. I was 43 years old. One day, something inside me switched and I said to myself, "I am not going to be a victim any more." I started to write about my story. In 2017, seven years later and over 200 lbs lighter, I'm still writing. I've found that the program I developed helped me see that my story mattered. My story was real. But most importantly, that I had the power over it to decide what I wanted to write next.  And what I wanted to do next. I took back the control of my life. I want to teach you how to claim that power, too.