12 Minutes A Day, Writing for the Non-Writer

It's not about writing.

It's about giving yourself permission to be vulnerable.

It's about setting aside your inner editor and being a creative child for a few minutes.

It's about Effective communication.

 I highly recommend reading this  book

I highly recommend reading this book

If you look at your writing and think:

It's not organized.

It's not what I wanted to Say.

It's not how I wanted to say it.

Then You need this tool.

It's not Just a writing exercise. It's your story.

I will walk with you as we break through the barriers and excuses that keep you from writing your story.

My coaching packages are tailored to your needs specifically.

  • Organize your thoughts and writings to clearly express what you want to say. 
  • Develop a writing habit that is easy and not time intensive.
  • Build the confidence that you are communicating exactly the message you want. 

No More saying, "That's not what I meant!"

This method will help you clarify your writing and focus in on what you want to communicate.

Let's talk today!.